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Bayerischer Löwe 2024 -- June 6-9

Excitement about the Preisplatteln at the 2023 Gaufest is still high, especially among the top two Gruppenpreisplatteln winners and the top three Einzelpreisplatteln winners in each age group. Those dancers are eligible to compete at the 2024 Bayerischer Löwe. It will be held during the June 6-9 Huosigau Heimattage & Gaufest in Steinebach, with the Löwe on Saturday, June 8. The Verein hosting the events is Trachtenverein D'Donarbichler in Steinebach. Their website (link below) will be updated over the next year with more information.

Lederhosen Workshop Presentation Now Online

Klaus Hornell of Gemütlichen Schuhplattler Anaheim gave an excellent presentation on Lederhosen at the 2023 Gaufest at the Kalahari. It was two hours long with almost 200 slides; Klaus's narration was informative and entertaining, and the time flew by. He has given his permission to post the pdf of his presentation to the Gauverband website--it is available at THIS LINK and also under Resources/Tracht from the home page.

Gauzeitung Deadline: August 10

Time to send in your news for the next issue of the Gauzeitung!  A lot of events have happened in the last few months -- send an article along with some photos.  Of course, there will also be lots of Gaufest 2023 news and photos.  Have a story to tell about your Gaufest experience? Send it along! What about a favorite photo? Send it!    Deadline: August 10

2023 Gaufest Preisplatteln Results

What an exciting competition this past weekend. Congratulations to those who placed, as well as to all those who participated. Here are the results. Complete results (all participants) are available at THIS LINK.


Gaufest Workshops You Don't Want to Miss

Do you know what region different Lederhosen styles are from? Did you know there are different variations of the Zwiefacher dance & music? How much do you really know about Weisswurst? The Education Committee is pleased to share the lineup of workshops at the 29.Gaufest -- you don't want to miss them! Each will be recorded and shared via the Gauverband YouTube page after the Gaufest. Read more below:

 29. Gaufest - 2023

2023 Gauverband Census Survey

Reminder for Vereine to Complete the Gauverband Nordamerika Census by September 1, 2023   deadline extended to Sept. 17!

Gauverband Member Vereine,


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