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The Gauverband is governed by Bylaws, Rules, and Guidelines. These are updated every two years to include any changes approved at the Delegates Meeting. The changes come from the approved proposals described in the Minutes of the Delegates Meeting (under About Us/Reports-Minutes). The changes that were incorporated after the 2022 Delegates Meeting are described in the Summary of Changes link below.

          2022 Summary of Changes


The Bylaws include information regarding purpose, membership, duties and responsibilities of officers and committees, bestowing of honorary titles, frequency and types of meetings, elections, business operation and conduct, and dissolution. 

          2022 Bylaws



          2022 Preisplatteln Rules

             2022 Operating Rules & Guidelines

  • OPERATING RULES deal with meetings (minutes, fees, expenses); prizes (Wanderpreis, Weitpreis, Meistpreis); what is involved in hosting a Gaufest; information about the Gauverband’s Fahne (flag), and Library. 
  • GUIDELINES deal with hosting a Delegates Meeting, hosting a Gauausschuss (Executive Board) Meeting, gift giving, awards, national flags and anthems, and duties of the nominations committee.  The charters for the bylaws committee, Gaufest meetings committee, and Gauverband Vereine Fahnen committee are also included.
  • PREISPLATTELN RULES deal with when the competition is held, eligibility to compete, dance floor size, judging and training of judges, scoring, dance rules, judging of Tracht, and the scoresheets to be used for Gruppen- and Einzelpreisplatteln and for Jugendeinzelplatteln-Critique.

HANDBOOKS are detailed instructions on how to host a Gaufest, Delegates Meeting, and Executive Board Meeting and are found under Publications/"How To" Manuals or click Handbooks   Note:  The Handbooks did not require updating after the 2018 Delegates Meeting.

Any questions or requests for clarification about the Bylaws, Rules, and Guidelines may be directed to the Bylaws Committee (see About Us/Committees).  


ARCHIVE: These documents were current as of the Delegates Meetings in the years below.

2018 & 2020   Note: Bylaws, Rules, and Guidelines did not require updating in 2020 because the Delegates Meeting could not be held.

2018 Summary of Changes     2018 Bylaws     2018 Operating Rules & Guidelines      2018 Preisplatteln Rules and Scoresheets 


2016 Summary of Changes     2016 Bylaws     2016 Operating Rules, Preisplatteln Rules, and Guidelines     


2014 Summary of Changes     2014 Bylaws    2014 Operating Rules, Preisplatteln Rules, and Guidelines    Jugend EPP Competition    Jugend EP Critique


2012 Summary of Changes        2012 Bylaws         2012 Operating Rules, Preisplatteln Rules, and Guidelines


2010 Summary of Changes       2010 Bylaws         2010 Rules and Guidelines

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