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Every two years, in the “even” years, Gauverband Nordamerika holds its meeting of the member Vereine. The meeting is held the weekend containing the first Sunday in May and is hosted by a Verein from the Gauverband at a site selected at the previous Delegates Meeting (unless approved otherwise by the delegates). It is attended by up to two delegates plus alternates and observers from Vereine throughout the Gauverband. The weekend consists of a meeting of the Ausschuss (Executive Board) on Friday, general sessions for all delegates on Saturday and Sunday, an administrative session, and a Vorplattler meeting. Workshops are conducted on cultural subjects, and a dance workshop is held on Saturday night. On Sunday, the delegates vote on site selection for the next Delegates Meeting and the Gaufest that is three years away. Election of Gauverband officers (Ausschuss) is also conducted. About 200 people (delegates, alternates, and observers) attend the meeting. The meeting minutes for the last nine meetings are shown below, and they include the minutes of the Friday Ausschuss meeting, minutes from the General, Administrative, and Vorplattler meetings, and all the committee, officer, and workshop reports presented at the meeting.  In 2020 no Delegates Meeting could be held because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the most urgent and time sensitive business of the Gauverband was handled at a special virtual meeting of the Executive Board.  In 2022 the Delegates Meeting and Gau-Ausschuss Meeting were again held virtually. The 2024 meetings will be held in Newark, Deleware, hosted by the Enzian Volkstanzgruppe at their Vereinsheim.

Link to 2022 Delegates Meeting Minutes




Every two years, in the “odd” years, the Ausschuss (Executive Board) of the Gauverband meets, usually at the site of the Gaufest to be held in two years. The meeting is held the first weekend containing the first Sunday in March. During the meeting, the officers discuss the business of the Gauverband, plans for the future, communications and education ideas, website and “Gauzeitung” development, and our relationships with the Trachtenverband Bayern and the Trachtenkulturzentrum in Holzhausen. The meeting minutes for the last several meetings are shown below and include all reports from the various committees. (Note: The Ausschuss also meets the day before the Delegates meeting, and those minutes are included with the Delegates Meeting minutes.)

2023 Gau-Ausschussversammlung Minutes





The Dance Officers of the Gauverband (1.Vorplattler, 2.Vorplattler, and Vortänzerin) meet with the judges who will be judging the Preisplatteln (both Gruppen- and Einzel-) on a yearly basis. At least one of the preparation weekends is typically held a month or two before the Gaufest. The training includes a review of the rules for judging Tracht and dance, followed by actually judging groups and couples who volunteer to take part in the preparation weekend. Periodically the dance officers and judges meet to discuss any questions that might arise. A representative from the Gaufest host Verein is also present to practice the job of announcing the Vereine and couples who will be competing. The order of dance for couples taking part in Einzelplatteln is determined by drawing names from a hat; the couples are notified by the dance officers. Minutes are published shortly after the training session; the minutes are available below.  (Note: Preisplatteln Rules are found in the Rules and Guidelines under the heading of “About Us/Bylaws” on this website.)

2019 May GNA Judges Training Report

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