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Deadlines are Closer than you Think!

The Delegates Meeting is still almost two months away, but there are some deadlines that are coming up VERY SOON! 

June 22: Edelweiss Reading PA's 75. Stiftungsfest

It's shaping up to be a summer of big events! Edelweiss Reading, PA, will be celebrating its 75. Stiftungsfest on June 22. See more information in the flyer and letter below. 

April 27: Alpen Schuhplattler Pittsburgh's 60. Stiftungsfest

Alpen SuTV d'Pittsburgher will be celebrating its 60. Stiftungsfest on April 27. For more information, see the flyer below. 

Gauzeitung Bonuses

Two articles in the February Gauzeitung have bonuses! The article about the Allgäuer Schealat told of the new custom in the Allgäu to ring cowbells instead of setting off fireworks at midnight.

D'Werdenfelser Sheboygan, WI, 90th Anniversary

D'Werdenfelser in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, are celebrating their 90th anniversary on April 13 and everyone is invited! Here are the details:

Nominations Now Being Accepted for Gauausschuss!

The Nominations Committee -- Steff Troxell, Michael Fricker, and Nancy Plunk -- has put together an explanation of how the nomination process will work for this year's elections at the 2024 Delegates Meeting. The letter at THIS LINK is also being mailed to the email distribution list. Nominations may be submitted via the easy-to-use electronic form; the link is contained in the letter.


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