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Steieregger (also Steyregger)

as presented by Tom Vogt,I.Gauvorplattler, Gauverband Nordamerika at the 2002 Delegates Meeting,Anaheim, California

Music is from "Spinnradl Unser Tanzbuch - Fünfte Folge"

Dance as described in "Spinnradl Unser Tanzbuch - Fünfte Folge" (*) - also see ""


KEY: cw = clockwise; ccw = counterclockwise



- couples face forward, holding hands

- man with left hand on left shoulder of man in front


Figure 1 (Walking)

- forward in waltz timing, man starts with left, woman with right

- sway arms forward first measure, back on second, etc.


Figure 2 (Turning)

- men continue in same fashion

- women turn half turn with each measure, while holding man's right hand


Figure 3 (Yoke on the Axis)

- couples face each other, man takes woman's right hand with his left

- with arms across upper chest, turn ccw, four measures per complete circle


Figure 4 (Clapping)

- man circles woman cw while clapping (1,2,3,4,-,-)

- woman turns ccw on 4th clap to meet him on outside, then inside, etc.


Figure 5 (Window)

- man stands behind woman, hands crossed (right over left)

- 1st measure swaying, 2nd sway out and make window, 3rd measure pause

- walk forward on 4th measure and continue until 15th, when window is undone

- man sneaks his way to inside of circle


Figure 6 (Clapping)

- same as Figure 4 above


Figure 7 (Window)

- same as Figure 5 above


Figure 8 (Waltzing)

- 1st measure sway to man's left, 2nd measure swing to man's right

- continue regular waltzing (in & out) until finish figure

(*)- from Neudorf im Mühlviertel,Ober Österreich - described by Anni Stöger in "Tänze aus Österreich" 

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