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2019 Feb. 2:  Schlierachtaler Stamm's Night in Vienna

2019 March 9: 16. Mid-Atlantic Jugendeinzelplatteln & Heimatabend, Bayern Verein Newark NJ

2019 March 29-30: Mittelwest Bezirksfest, Edelweiss Chicago

2019 April 5-6: West Coast Bezirksfest, Tiroler und Bayern Zither Club, N. Hollywood, California

2019 July 4-7: Gaufest Gauverband Nordamerika, Alt-Washingtonia, Washington, DC


2020 April 24-26: Gauverband Nordamerika Delegates Meeting, Gemütlichen Schuhplattler, Anaheim, California

2020 June 13-14: Bayerischer Löwe & 100. Gründungsfest D'Ammertaler Diessen (Huosigau) in Diessen am Ammersee, Bayern  (Gau-NA to compete at Löwe)

2020 June 18-19: Trip to Oberammergau Passion Play from Diessen

2020 June 26-28: Gebietsfest, Alpenrösl St. Catharines, Ontario

2020 June 26-28: Heimat Tänzer Omaha Nebraska's 50th Anniversary


2021 July 8-11: Gaufest Gauverband Nordamerika in Atlantic City, New Jersey, hosted by Edelweiss Passaic New Jersey


2022 Sept. 18-19: Münchner Oktoberfest Trachtenzug (Sunday), Gau-NA performances (Monday) -- in München!

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