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Post-Oktoberfest Fun in Bayern -- You're Invited!

For those of you going to the Oktoberfest in München:  

Not sure what everybody's plans are after the Oide Wies'n, but if you're free on Wednesday, Sept. 21 I'd like to invite you on behalf of Gaukapelle NA and the Lechgaukapelle to an evening of food, drink, fun, and bairische Blasmusik at the Wirtshaus zur Sonne in the town of Epfach.  The evening is being organized by Thomas Eiler and Toni Draxl from the Lechgaukapelle as a sort of reunion of the two bands to enjoy good food and drink as well as relive some memories from the Washington, D.C. Gaufest and of course, to play some Blasmusik.  Epfach has a rich history (it was an ancient Roman settlement) and is located about midway between Landsberg am Lech and Schongau.  You can check out the Sonnenwirt at:

The Wirt would like to know approx. how many people to prepare for, so if you could let me know by about the third week of August if you plan on going, that would be great.

Hope to see some of you in Epfach on Sept. 21!

mit Trachtengruß, Rick

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