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"Building a future for our youth
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Bayerischer Trachtenverband Trachtenkulturzentrum                      


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Why a "Trachtenkulturzentrum"?

  • Headquarters for the Bayerische Trachten youth
  • Information Center for Trachtenvereine and researchers
  • Historical documentation of the Bayerische Trachten movement
  • Professional preservation of Trachten
  • Presentation of the great variety of Trachten in Bayern


Archived Items

  • Flags and Fest programs, etc.
  • Tracht
  • Volksmusik and Volkslied in Bayern
  • Plattler and Volkstanz in Bayern
  • Traditions, language and theater


Beginning Ideas and Concepts

  • Campground facilities
  • Demonstrations of various topics
  • Supporting exhibitions from various Gauverbände and Vereine in Bayern
  • Documentation for the future
  • Small store with informational materials


Location of the Bayerischer-Trachtenverband Trachtenkulturzentrum


 Location in Bayern                      Location in Holzhausen               Location of Buildings 














For more information contact: Michael Olk


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