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In 1993 the Gauverband honored its 25th anniversary by publishing a 376-page book entitled Gauverband Nordamerika Chronik. A 29-page history of the Gauverband itself chronicles how the organization was formed in 1966 when delegates from 18 Vereine met to draw up bylaws and agree on common goals. This section of the book has narratives of the milestones in the Gauverband's life: Gaufeste, Preisplatteln, and Delegates Meetings, new member Vereine, along with the Fahnenweihen of member Vereine. The evolution of the Gauverband is an interesting story.

The majority of the book, two years in the making, comprises individual histories of 64 of the member Vereine (ranging from one to eight pages). Twenty of the Vereine were founded before World War II, the earliest in 1914. One Verein was cast as extras in several movies in the 1930s, including "Frankenstein."

Some Vereine helped with the post-World War II efforts to bring aid to war-torn Germany; another Verein taught Johnny Carson how to schuhplattl on the "Tonight Show." White House performances, trips to Bavaria, and how Vereine uphold their traditions and are involved in their local communities make for a variety of engaging tales and local history. And throughout the book, hundreds of photos, about a quarter of them in color, supplement the interesting text. Also in the book are:

  • History of the Trachtenbewegung (native costume preservation movement) in Bavaria, which began in 1883.
  • Description of the traditions we are upholding--Tracht, music, dance, art, and theater.
  • Brief biography and photo of each of the officers serving at the time of the 25th anniversary
  • Tribute to the Gauverband's first Vorstand (president)

The Chronik is available for purchase from Stephan Regenfuss, Gaubibliothekar, at

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