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Bylaws, Rules, Preisplatteln Rules, "How-To" Manuals Updated

After the Gauverband Delegates Meeting, the job of updating the Bylaws, Operating Rules, Preisplatteln Rules (with Jugend rules rolled in), and "How-To" Requirements (Hosting a Delegates Meeting, Gaufest, or Executive Board Meeting) gets underway. The majority of that job has been accomplished -- all except the updated scoresheets for Preisplatteln (both adult and Jugend). These are still under development because of the change in philosophy of judging. As soon as the scoresheets are finished, they will be inserted into the Preisplatteln Rules and will be announced on the website.

In Memory of Erich Bayer, Ehrengauvorplattler

Erich Bayer, our Ehrengauvorplattler, passed away on November 4, 2016. Erich was elected our 2.Gauvorplattler on January 10, 1976, and then elected 1.Gauvorplattler two years later, on January 14, 1978, and remained in that capacity for eight years. Erich was named Ehrengauvorplattler at an Executive Board Meeting on March 1, 2003. Although on the Executive Board for only a relatively short time, his impact on our Gauverband was deeply felt.

Christmas Greetings Due Oct. 15 for Gauzeitung

Christmas, already?  Yup! In order to get the Christmas issue to you by the beginning of December, the greetings must be sent in by October 15. Even if you can't get the actual ad to me by then, please let me know what size ad you or your Verein wants, and then take another week to email it. You can send a pdf of a finished ad or words and pictures/graphics for me to finish the ad for you. Ads will be in color. Prices same as last year: Business card size $30; quarter page $60; half page $90; full page $150.

Gauzeitung Issues from 1996 to 2013 now Online!

Gauzeitung issues beginning with November 1996 (Volume 10) through December 2008 (Volume 20) are now available online, along with Volumes 21-25 (2009-2013) which were already online. The Volume 10-20 issues are scanned from printed copies. Each volume has an index to what is in each individual issue, along with links to the issues. The index and issues can be read online, downloaded, or printed. Volumes 1 to 9 will be scanned and uploaded at a future time, probably the beginning of 2017.

Gauzeitung Deadline - Oct. 1; Easy to Contribute

It's already time to start on the next issue of the Gauzeitung! October 1 is the deadline to submit articles, short announcements, and pictures. Send them to  Were you at the Lechgaufest or Bayerischer Löwe in Steingaden this summer? Here's an easy way to share your impressions with your fellow Gau-NA members. Click on the Survey link and fill out the short form.

Matthias Raab, "der Kalendermacher," Died Suddenly

Many of you have been enjoying the Oberbaierische Festtäg- und Alte Bräuch- Kalender for some or all of the last almost 30 years of its publication. You may not know that the beautiful large format calendar is the inspiration of a great couple, Matthias “Hias” and Brigitte Raab. The whimsical artwork throughout the issue is thanks to artist Hias; the couple’s love of Heimat shows through on every page. They travel all over to get many of the wonderful photos, participating in Feste throughout Bayern.

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