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comes from the word "Tragen" meaning "to wear." Thus, Tracht means that which one wears. In the more narrow context of a Gauverband, it means the garments that we wear to represent and preserve a particular time period in Bavarian/Tirolean history and a particular community standing.That time period is generally the mid- to late 1800s; Tracht has, however, undergone minor changes since that time.The community standing of Gebirgstracht is that of the rural folk in the mountainous regions. Guidelines required for Tracht in Vereine of Gauverband Nordamerika are detailed here: 

Guidelines for Tracht in Vereine of Gauverband Nordamerika.


Articles and Presentations

Often our members present workshops detailing certain specific histories, best practices, and instructions of how to make Tracht. The following is a compilation of some of those efforts.


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