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Latest Oktoberfest Details

The countdown is on and the excitement is getting closer. As I am getting more and more information from the Festring in München, I would like to inform everyone on some important updates. 

The Trachten- u. Schützenzug is on September 18, 2022. It begins at 10 am sharp; all participants need to be there no later than 9 am so we can get everyone lined up. The earlier the better! We will all be meeting at the Maximiliansbrücke (Zugrichtung links)  (Maximilian Bridge,  Parade direction left). Note: On the map below, the bridge is the one at the very start of the parade route on Maximilian Strasse.

The following is our placement in the Festzug:

  • 10A - Projektorchester Bayerischer Blasmusikverband München
  • 10B - Gauverband Nordamerika Teil 1
  • 11A - Blasmusik Aschheim e.V. Aschheim, Bayern
  • 11B - Gauverband Nordamerika Teil 2

Remember that there are also 4 Kutschen in between. Karin Dean - Kraft has been working with me on putting together the lineup for the Festzug and there will be people to direct you where to stand. Please be courteous and polite and listen to directions. Karin is putting a lot of time into putting together a detailed map of the lineup.

Remember to look at the Power Point again to see the guidelines on Tracht to make sure that you are not missing anything and that you have made arrangements to pick up a Trachtenschirm from Trachten-Pöllmann if you haven't done so already.

One thing to remember, leave your Trachten Knife AT HOME!!!! They are NOT allowed at the Wiesn and will be taken away.

I know that we are going to look great and we are going to leave a lasting impression. I am so proud of Gauverband Nordamerika and its members. I will be keeping everyone updated with more updates.

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