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"By the Numbers" Plus Reminders

The Trachten u. Schützenzug is just a few weeks away and we are getting ready to show Bayern and the world how we uphold our Bayerisches Brauchtum in Nordamerika! We are also going to help SVV Original Enzian celebrate 100 years of existence. Here are our numbers this time for 2022.

  • 293 Marchers
  • 129 Spectators
  • 10 Fahnen
  • 32 Vereine
  • 4 Kutschen
  • 9 Gruppen doing Ehrentänze

These are impressive numbers.

Just a few things that we want to remind everyone of during the Festzug. Please do not wave any American Flags or banners during the parade. There are also no cell phones or cameras allowed in the parade. They will be taken away or you will be asked to step out of the parade. The Festzug starts at 10:00 am but since we are so far to the front, we are asking everyone to please be there by 8:30 am. Vielen Dank!

Viele Grüße, Michael Olk, Festleiter

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