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Watch the Oktoberfest Parade on the Internet

Update 9/18:  Watch the parade anytime for the next 30 days!  At THIS LINK.   Watch the one-hour show "Wiesn Frühschoppen" at THIS LINK.  Lots of audience footage of GauNA; the Inngau dances and Rudy Leschke and Matt & Pat LaCourse dance with them; and a wonderful interview with Rudy Leschke.  Well worth watching!

Are you among those not attending the Oktoberfest on Sunday, September 18, in Munich? You can still see the parade -- watch it on the internet!  GauNA will be #10 & 11 in the parade. It'll be broadcast live on "das Erste" starting at 10:02 am (German time) --  website   It will be re-broadcast on Bayerischer Rundfunk at 7:45 pm (German time) -- website  The stations are very particular about copyright, so it may happen that they do not stream to the U.S./Canada but there is no way to know that until the day of the parade when you tune in to watch. Fingers crossed!   More info here.   Another program that may be of interest because it will be broadcast live from Festzelt Tradition is "Wiesn Frühschoppen" on Sept. 18 from noon-1 pm (German time) on  

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