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Last Minute Oktoberfest Reminders

The following email was sent to the Vereine on September 8.

Well, I hope everyone is getting excited for next week and that everyone has a safe trip there and for those that are already there I am sure they are already having a good time. Just to give everybody some guidance on how things will be handled at the Trachten u. Schützenzug and at the Oide Wiesn, this is how it will proceed.

  • on the 18th for the Trachten u. Schützenzug everyone will meet at the Maximillianbrücke at 8:30 am where you will be met by our Captains from the Gauverband that are in charge of getting you lined up in your correct spot or area. these people are:
  • Teresa Vikari and Karin Schwab are in charge of getting everyone lined up that is marching. Please listen to their instructions and to them only since they have a very difficult task.
  • Klaus Vikari our Gau Fahnenträger is in charge of lining up all of the Fahnenträger, the same thing goes for Klaus when it comes to listening to instructions for the line up.
  • Mark LaCourse is in charge of lining up the Kutschen and everyone who is riding in them. He will be getting everyone into their Kutschen and collecting their money at that time for the fee.
  • Janet Malofiy is in charge of all of the ID's for the Festzug, Gutscheine, Tickets, etc. She will be giving some of these out at the beginning of the Festzug and some when you arrive at the Oide Wiesn. Everyone who participates in the Trachten u. Schützenzug gets Gutscheine for a complimentary meal of Brathändel and 2 Beers. Janet is the only one that gives these Tickets out and no one else!
  • Rick Michels and Rudy Leschke are in charge of the performances at the Oide Wiesn on Monday the 19th. The Ehrentänze will be performed on Monday late afternoon and evening. We have been put into the program for Monday night though it might not be posted on the Internet yet. Vereine should get to the Oide Wiesn by 10:00 am since we do have reserved seats, but it would be nice if we were there for the opening. Each Verein will perform one Dance.

Some reminders:

Remember to pick up your Trachtenschirme from Trachten Pöllmann

Remember to leave your Trachten Knife at home!

If you have any second guesses about your Tracht just look at the Guidelines again that Karin has posted on the Gau Website

Remember to have fun!

Bayerische Rundfunk is going to be there doing a story on us, so we need to put our best foot forward which we always do. I am so proud of everyone because I know that we are going to look so impressive. With that I just want to say that I am sorry to tell everyone that I will not be joining you. I ended up in the Hospital a couple of weeks ago and am still recuperating. Long story short, the Doctors aren't letting me go, so I will be watching all of you with much pride from the comfort of my living room and cheering you on. If you have any questions before you leave, do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other people on this list. Have a safe trip and a great time.

Viele Grüße, Michi Olk

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