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Gauverband N.A. at Bayerischer Löwe


23July2010 The results are in for how our dancers did at the Bayerischer Löwe this year.The competition is fierce there – the top three places from Preisplatteln in each Gauverband compete against one another.In addition to our Gau, 11 other Gaue took part.A total of 139 men and 131 ladies for Einzelplatteln (men and ladies are judged separately), 19 youth groups, and 15 adult groups.From North America, 8 men and 8 ladies danced.Here's how they placed; the second number represents the number of competitors in that age group.They represented us well and we're proud of their participation!(click to read more)



Ehrenklasse (60+) – Ladies

1/7 Barbara Hermes, Bavaria Cleveland

2/7 Carolyn Marquardt, Enzian Seattle

3/7 Erika Wagner, Bavaria Cleveland


50-59 age group

6/11 Jutta Hugel, Schlierachtaler Stamm, NY

DQ Kathy Bruni, Enzian Seattle (disqualified because she stepped outside the circle)


35-49 age group

6/18 Maria Rase, Edelweiss Denver

14/18 Heidi Friese, D'Miesbacher Oimtaler Denver


16-34 age group

35/35 Tiffany Ehmann, Bayern Verein Newark


Ehrenklasse (60+) – Men

4/9 Roger Mowery, Enzian Seattle

6/9 Rudy Hermes, Bavaria Cleveland

9/9 Emil Wagner, Bavaria Cleveland


50-59 age group

10/15 Robert Hugel, Schlierachtaler Stamm, NY


35-49 age group

9/23 Michael Rase, Edelweiss Denver

10/23 Juergen Friese, D'Miesbacher Oimtaler Denver

19/23 Paul Ulrich, Bayern Verein Newark


16-34 age group

31/34 Matthew LaCourse, Edelweiss St Paul


Three judges from our Gau judged Gruppen and Einzelplatteln.Many thanks to Juergen Friese, Walter Kraft, and Hans Mueller for this big job! 

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