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Who is hosting the Bayerischer Löwe in 2018? We are! In Bayern, no less!

How, you ask, will Gau-NA host the Bayerischer Löwe, especially since the other 12 Gauverbände who participate are all in Bayern?  Well, we'll just do it there! Read more about this great proposal that 2. Gauvorplattler Rudy Leschke put together, presented at the Delegates Meeting, and that the delegates voted to do. It's part of the "Mini Minutes" article in the May issue of the Gauzeitung. (Link to article)  The Verein in the Allgäu that is helping make this event happen is D'Wageggler ( Börwang. The Löwe will take place in Haldenwang the same weekend as the Allgäuer Gaufest that D'Wageggler are hosting on May 31-June 3, 2018. We'll be able to participate in the Gaufest, as well as in a Fronleichnam Procession.  D'Wageggler have created a logo, and they have linked their website to our website. Clearly, they are as excited about this partnership as we are! 

Rudy will be posting more info as it becomes available. We're required to provide some people-power, which shouldn't be too big a problem given how many Gau-NA folks typically attend.

Take a look at the article to read about the 2018 Löwe as well as other decisions that came out of the Delegates Meeting!


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