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Delegates Meeting: Here's How it Went

The Gauverband thanks the members of Enzian Volkstanzgruppe and the Delaware Sängerbund for the terrific hospitality at the Delegates Meeting the weekend of May 3-5. The grounds and hall at the clubhouse in Newark, Delaware, are the perfect size and atmosphere for holding an event like ours. Chairperson Teresa Vikari and her crew were well prepared for us. Vergelt's Gott!

Fifty Vereine attended with 94 delegates, 34 alternates, and 38 observers for a total of 166 Trachtler and Trachtlerinnen.

The next Delegates Meeting is in 2026, the 60th anniversary of GNA. Two Vereine bid on the event--Edelweiss Buffalo, New York, and Edelweiss St. Paul, Minnesota. The vote was soooo close, but the nod went to Edelweiss Buffalo. The dates are May 1-3, 2026. Many thanks to both Vereine for showing a willingness to host, and congratulations to Edelweiss Buffalo for winning the bid.

Edelweiss Reading, Pennsylvania, presented its bid for the 2027 Gaufest. It will be held in Lancaster, PA, at the convention center there. The Verein has put a lot of planning into the event already, and the delegates are satisfied that we'll be in good hands for the 2027 Gaufest on July 8-11, 2027. Congratulations, Edelweiss Reading!  Three years of work await you but you're up to the task as evidenced by your successful Gaufest in 2007.

Elections were held for Gauausschuss. We have one new officer on the board. Here's the 2024-2026 Ausschuss:

  • 1.Vorstand: Tom Vogt
  • 2.Vorstand: Joe Hubner
  • Schriftführer: Janet Fricker Malofiy
  • Kassier: John Blank
  • 1.Vorplattler: Rudy Leschke
  • 2.Vorplattler: Matthew LaCourse
  • 1.Vortänzerin: Karin Schwab
  • 2.Vortänzerin: Christine Ott
  • Jugendvertreterin: Diane Meck
  • Bibliothekar: Stephan Regenfuss
  • Beisitzer: Bob Hugel, Brenda Nowak, Erik Schwarze, Paul Ulrich
  • Revisoren: Johann Force*, Erik Hugel, Rich Keesecher, John Schwab
  • Musikwart: Richard Michels
  • Archivar: Fritz Sheffler
  • Fahnenträger: Klaus Vikari
  • Pressewart: Karin Dean Kraft

*Johann Force was elected to the office of Revisor in GNA this weekend. He is a Trachtler with Enzian Schuhplattler, Seattle, Washington, and was also a member of Golden Gate San Francisco when he lived in that area. You'll read more about him in the upcoming Gauzeitung.

Of course, there were lots of decisions made on the myriad proposals discussed during the Administrative and Vorplattler sessions. You'll get to read more about them in a recap in the next issue of the Gauzeitung and in the meeting minutes coming out this summer. 


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