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2016 Nov. 11-13, Golden Gate's Fahnenweihe, San Francisco

From Fritz Sheffler, 1. Vorplattler, B.H.T.V. Golden Gate:  On behalf of our Fahne Committee, I am proud to announce that the date and location for the 2016 B.H.T.V. Golden Gate Fahnenweihe have been finalized. It will be on the weekend of November 11-13, at the S.F. Elks Lodge in downtown San Francisco. Accommodations will be at the Kensington Hotel, and the service itself will be at St. Patricks Catholic Church on Saturday morning. Specific ticket, room prices, and further details are in the flyer.

Bayerischer Löwe - Last Minute Reminders

Here are some last minute reminders for Preisplatteln in Steingaden.

Lechgaufest - Last Minute Reminders

Hi Everyone, here are some last minute things to remember as you prepare for Lechgau-Trachtenfest in Steingaden in a few weeks.

Please dress appropriately.  I wrote a post on the schedule of events and what to wear.  This is on our Gauverband website.  Please read through it at this link.

2016 Nov 18-19 "Vier Länder Gebiet" Invitation to 1.Gebietsfest

The newly formed Vier Länder Gebiet (formerly known as the Great Lakes and Mountain Bezirk) would like to invite you to our 1. Gebietsfest hosted by G.T.E.V. D’Lustigen Isartaler and Alpen Schuhplattler u. T. V. D’Pittsburgher to be held November 18-19, 2016 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Seven Springs PA.

About Steingaden & the Lechgaufest Host Verein

HTV Almfrieden of Steingaden is the host of the 93. Lechgau-Trachtenfest this year. The latest issue of the Heimat- und Trachtenbote had an article in it about the Verein and the city of Steingaden. The article is linked at the end of this post. Almfrieden was started in 1909, and they are hosting their 9th Lechgaufest. Their Vereinsfahne was blessed that same year and has been through two restorations.

Who is hosting the Bayerischer Löwe in 2018? We are! In Bayern, no less!

How, you ask, will Gau-NA host the Bayerischer Löwe, especially since the other 12 Gauverbände who participate are all in Bayern?  Well, we'll just do it there! Read more about this great proposal that 2. Gauvorplattler Rudy Leschke put together, presented at the Delegates Meeting, and that the delegates voted to do. It's part of the "Mini Minutes" article in the May issue of the Gauzeitung.


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