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Oide Wiesn Schedule for Monday, Sept. 19

Email sent to Vereine on Sept. 12:  I know that some of you are already in Bayern and enjoying yourselves. Here are some final notes for the Oide Wiesn on Monday the 19th. We need everyone to be there at noon to take their seats since they are all reserved and that includes our spectators. Our Vereine that will be performing will not take the stage until 7:30 pm and will finish at 9:30pm. Those are the time slots they gave us. But there is a lot going on during the day. Gauverband Niederbayern is performing, and the Isargau takes over with Gauverband Nordamerika.

Last Minute Oktoberfest Reminders

The following email was sent to the Vereine on September 8.

Well, I hope everyone is getting excited for next week and that everyone has a safe trip there and for those that are already there I am sure they are already having a good time. Just to give everybody some guidance on how things will be handled at the Trachten u. Schützenzug and at the Oide Wiesn, this is how it will proceed.

Oktoberfest Parade Line-Up

THIS LINK has the Oktoberfest parade line-up and includes some important notes. (Version 2 was uploaded 9/8 with minor changes, mostly affecting those in the Kutschen.) The chart shows all those walking in the parade -- first the Blaskapelle that will lead us, then the Gautafel and Gaufahne, followed by a Kutsche with our Gauvorstand and other members.

Landesversammlung Bay. Trachtenverband -- beautiful pictures

The Isargau hosted the Landesversammlung of the Bayerischer Trachtenverband in München on Sept. 3 and 4. Delegates from all 22 Gauverbände attended and our own Gauvorstand Tom Vogt was also invited. Click on the two pictorial articles below about the meeting. Tom made the collages as did our Ehrenmitglied, Sepp Kaindl. Plus many other recognizable friends in the Trachtenverband and the "Bavaria!"   The pictures cover the first day of the meeting, the Heimatabend on Saturday night, and the parade and the mass held on Sunday morning in a stunning church.  Enjoy!

"GauNA Eats" -- Video Premiere

The Education Committee members -- Christine Ott, Matt LaCourse, Erik Schwarze, and Rick Michels -- have put together the first-ever "GauNA Eats" food video! As in all cultures, food and people and customs are intrinsically linked. Rick Michels introduces us to Allgäuer Wurstsalat and talks about those links.

"By the Numbers" Plus Reminders

The Trachten u. Schützenzug is just a few weeks away and we are getting ready to show Bayern and the world how we uphold our Bayerisches Brauchtum in Nordamerika! We are also going to help SVV Original Enzian celebrate 100 years of existence. Here are our numbers this time for 2022.

  • 293 Marchers
  • 129 Spectators
  • 10 Fahnen
  • 32 Vereine
  • 4 Kutschen
  • 9 Gruppen doing Ehrentänze

These are impressive numbers.


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