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Now Available from the Gau Library

Submitted 19Apr2005 by Karin Dean Kraft, Gau Bibliothekarin. A few years ago the Isargau in Bayern produced a fantastic 4-CD set of music with 104 Plattler and Volkstaenze played by various music groups. The music is excellent. The set sold out quickly and was no longer available from the Isargau. Last year, Gauverband Nordamerika received permission from the Isargau to reproduce the CDs ourselves to offer our members. The set is now available from the Gau Library at a cost of $35 which includes postage.Gaumusikwart Rick Michels and GTEV Edelweiss member Erwin Rauschendorfer recently produced a "Preisplattler Uebungs" CD that has the three Preisplattler dances - "Heitauer," "Reit-im-Winkl," and "Haushamer." The music is played in two versions, Gruppenpreisplattler and Einzelplattler style. This CD is great to practice for Preisplattler. Also included on the CD is the Gauverband Nordamerika's own "Gauplattler." This CD is available from the Gau Library at a cost of $10 which includes postage.

If you're interested in either or both of these offerings, please write to me. Please include your Verein's name when you write. Or stop by the Gau Library room at the Gaufest in Buffalo this summer - you'll be surprised at all that is available!


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