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Kartenspielbuch von Bayerische Trachtenverband



submitted 21November 2008 by C. Marquardt

The Bayerische Trachtenverband has published a 100 page book of 27 card games. From the well-known Schafkopfen to the less known "Bieten" (Bavarian poker). The book, called " Vom Alten zum Zwanzger" was debuted after a church service with a gemütlichen Frühschoppen accompanied by Volksmusik in the Almhütte of the Gasthof "Zur Post" in Egling near Wolfratshausen on November 9. The idea for the book to help stop the old Bavarian card games from becoming extinct came from Walter Sirch, 1. Vorsitzender des Sachgebietes Mundart-Laienspiel-Brauchtum, Bayerischen Trachtenverband. It took three years to develop the book. Card games included in the book are Doppelkopf, Geigala, Tarock, Ramsen, Wallachen (Watten). The book is available for 7.50 Euro from Gauverbände in the Bayerischen Trachtenverband and also from Walter Sirch. A deck of cards with the Bayerischer Trachtenverband logo on the back is available for 2.50€.

photo: Anton Hötzelsperger



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