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Print your own Map of Gau-NA!

A map hangs in our Gauverband Nordamerika room in Holzhausen that shows the location of every Gau-NA Verein as of the Holzhausen Einweihung (Grand Opening) May 2015. You may have read the story in the last issue of the Gauzeitung, so you already know that our Bavarian friend Sepp Kaindl suggested the map and Tom Vogt followed up on it. Tom asked Golden Gate San Francisco's Fritz Sheffler, a graphic artist, to come up with a beautiful design -- and Fritz certainly did that!  A couple of "tweaks" have been done to the map since it was published in the Gauzeitung, and now it is available as a download so you can print your own. The map can best be printed as no larger than 11" x 17" (larger will result in pixelation). For those of you who speak "tech," the resolution is 2640 x 4080 or 240 dpi at the 11"x17" size. Download the jpg file, take it to a print shop, and get it printed on 100# coated paper for the best result. Cost will be between $2-$5. If you were at the Delegates Meeting, that's what you saw. It will fit beautifully into a frame or have it dry-mounted on mat board or foam core to display without a frame. Here's the link to the map:  link to map

Please note that the map is a "point in time" -- any changes in membership since May 2015 are not reflected.

Tom Vogt, 1.Gauvorstand and Fritz Sheffler

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