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2016 July 23 - Bayerischer Löwe

Gau-NA has been officially invited to participate in the Preisplatteln um den Bayerischen Löwen.  In case you want to do some advanced planning, however, the date of the competition is July 23, 2016, in Steingaden in the Lechgau.  The Lechgau's Gaufest is the weekend before (July 15-17) and a Goasslschnalzertreffen is on July 22, both in Steingaden. The top three couples in each Einzelpreisplatteln age group along with the top two Gruppenpreisplatteln winners have been invited in previous years.  It also depends on having the requisite number of judges from Gau-NA who are able to judge.

Interview with Gau-NA's Gaufahne

Our Gau-Fahne seems to open up to Bavarian Anita Biereder.

Tracht Workshop Presentation Available

At the 2015 Gaufest in Milwaukee, Vroni Menzinger from the Trachtenverein D'Würmtaler Menzing in München, gave an excellent presentation about Tracht titled "What to Wear When."  Festtracht, Tanztracht, Tanzgwand, Boarisch Gwand -- so many variations!  The Powerpoint presentation shown at the workshop is now available on this website under "Resources/ Tracht."  Nearly 80 slides with numerous photos take the reader through the history, etiquette, and problems of Tracht.  Vroni also showed a brief video of one way of folding and pinning a shawl.  The video

Gau-NA Featured on Bayerischer Rundfunk

Bayerischer Rundfunk reporter Barbara Leidl was at our Gaufest to do a report about Trachtler in North America. Her first written report was published on the BR website recently, complete with many photos she took.  Take a look at the link.  And stay tuned for her one-hour radio report to be broadcast on Bayern 2  on August 30 at 12:05 pm (German time).   Link to Article

Jugendeinzelpreisplatteln -- Results

Congratulations to our youth who participated in Jugendeinzelpreisplatteln!  The results are in the link:  2015 Jugend EP Results

Heidi von Recklinghausen, Gaujugendvertreterin

Jugendeinzelplatteln at 25. Gaufest

From our Gaujugendvertreterin, Heidi von Recklinghausen:

The 25. Gaufest lent itself to a host of renewing friendships, making new friendships, and of course memories. Memories of the Einzelpreisplattln, Gruppenpreisplattln, top notch workshops, Kinder Zimmer, and the Volksmusik Zimmer are etched in our minds and the many photos that were taken over the weekend.  The Jugend Einzelplattln and Jugend Einzelpreisplattln - PRICELESS!


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