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Haldenwang Update #6

This note was sent to the contact person I have listed for each of the Vereine going to Haldenwang. Please share this with your group. Link to roster & tour info.

What to Expect, What to Wear in Haldenwang

The dance officers and Pressewart have collaborated on a presentation to help you know what to expect during our upcoming trip to the Bayerischer Löwe and what to wear for each event.  There's also a section on how to line up for the Festzug on Sunday afternoon (we're using the same concept as we used for the 2014 Oktoberfest).  There's a LOT of information in the presentation.  Please share it with everyone who is going.  There's also a one-page summary of times, places, what to wear (page #10) that you might want to print out and take along.  We hope that this will make things easy and cl

Special Tour Planned for Löwe/Gaufest Weekend

Those going to the Bayerischer Löwe/Allgäuer Gaufest are being offered a wonderful opportunity to get to know more Trachtler in the Allgäu, see interesting sights, eat Kässpätzen, hear Alphorns, and visit a Vereinsheim. D’Wageggler’s neighboring Trachtenverein--Koppachtaler Altusried--has a great excursion planned for us on Friday. A bus will leave the Festzelt in Haldenwang at 11 am, taking us to Altusried 20 minutes away. Members of the Verein will take us on a tour of the renowned Freilichtbühne, an open air theater that seats 2500 people.

Allgäuer Gaufest in Heimat- und Trachtenbote

The front page of the April 15 "Heimat- und Trachtenbote" has an article on it about the upcoming 84. Allgäuer Gaufest that is being hosted by D'Wageggler in Haldenwang. Included in the article is a history of the Verein (founded in 1934) and their activities, an overview of the events planned for the weekend, and a paragraph about the Bayerischer Löwe being hosted by Gau-NA.  Click here to see the article.

2018 Delegates Meeting Recap

First of all, herzlichen Dank to our host Verein, Die Heimat Tänzer of Omaha, Nebraska, for being such outstanding hosts to our meeting.  Everything was so well organized and executed, and our hosts could not have been more welcoming. The gorgeous and roomy German American Society clubhouse is perfect for holding meetings, workshops, and hospitality rooms.  And if anyone who attended left hungry... well, that would be hard to believe considering how well (quality and quantity) we were fed.  Vergelt's Gott, Heimat Tänzer!

Results of some important votes:

Delegates Meeting: Food & Transportation

Gruaß Gott! Lieber Trachtler und Herzlich Willkommen zu Omaha von die Heimat Tänzer,

Just a few reminders and some schedule items for the weekend.


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