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Wanted: High School & College Grad Announcements

High School and Post Secondary Graduation time of year!

Kinder & Jugend Activities at the Gaufest

Are you attending the “Down the Shore” Gaufest?

I have been busy with the Edelweiss Passaic Hosts in planning several activities for the Jugend and the Jugend leaders who will be attending the Gaufest.

If you are checking in to the Gaufest on Thursday (or before) and you plan to visit the Biergarten, but you do not know where your “under 21 years olds” can go? We will have a place for them in the “Kinderzimmer”.  It will be a great place for them to come and meet others as the weekend gets started!

Workshop: Oberbayrischer Schuhplattler -- Don't Miss It!

Bob Donnelly Jr. of Edelweiss Passaic will be presenting one of the workshops at this year's Gaufest discussing a valuable resource. A 1925 book by Hans Flemming provides descriptions of 25 Schuhplattlers, Ländlers, and figure dances. In addition, it provides descriptions of basic Schuhplattler components, definitions of terms, and how to do various portions of the dance. As its copyright has expired, it is now possible to re-publish this hard to find book.

Bauernmesse Choir Rehearsal for Gaufest

Are you singing in the choir for the Bauernmesse at the Gaufest? Rehearsal is set for Saturday, July 9, 11 am - 12:30 pm in the same room in which the Bauernmesse will take place (A20, 30, 24, 3, 4). 

2022 Gaufest Update

Edelweiss Passaic wrote this article for the Gauzeitung and it's being posted here because the information is time sensitive.  Click on THIS LINK to read it.

2022 Preisplatteln News

The following information was sent out recently to the member Vereine via email by our Gauschriftführerin, Janet Malofiy. The schedule will be updated as available.


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