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Member Vereine Announcement

Member Vereine Announcement

June 22: Edelweiss Reading PA's 75. Stiftungsfest

It's shaping up to be a summer of big events! Edelweiss Reading, PA, will be celebrating its 75. Stiftungsfest on June 22. See more information in the flyer and letter below. 

April 27: Alpen Schuhplattler Pittsburgh's 60. Stiftungsfest

Alpen SuTV d'Pittsburgher will be celebrating its 60. Stiftungsfest on April 27. For more information, see the flyer below. 

D'Werdenfelser Sheboygan, WI, 90th Anniversary

D'Werdenfelser in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, are celebrating their 90th anniversary on April 13 and everyone is invited! Here are the details:

Feb. 24, 2024: SG Alpenrose Orlando's Fahnenweihe Celebration

SG. Alpenrose Orlando, Florida would love to have you help celebrate their new club flag.  The flyer below has all the details.  Hotel special rates can be obtained at this website: 

2024 Mittelwest Bezirksfest April 5-6: Save the Date!

The Blautaler of Kansas City, Missouri, will be hosting the 2024 Mittelwest Bezirks-Heimatfest in 2024. All the info you need is in the flyer. The Bezirksfest is always a wonderful experience with lots of friends from all over the Gauverband. The Blautaler are sure to be excellent hosts.

Chiemgau Windsor's Heimatabend--Join them!

GTEV Chiemgau Windsor, Ontario, is hosting a Heimatabend on Friday, Nov. 17, and would love to have you join them. It will be held at their Vereinsheim, Heimat Windsor, and the $25 (Canadian) admission includes music by Siasswasser Tanzlmusi from Edelweiss Detroit and a wonderful Brotzeit as well as performances by Chiemgau's dancers.


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