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Lucas Needs a New Liver; What you can do to Help

Ten-year-old Lucas Goeller has relatives who are members of Die Lustig'n Isartaler in Pittsburgh. When Lucas was just a year old, he received a liver transplant thanks to the networking that comes of being on Facebook. He's been doing well all these years, but the family recently found out that Lucas is in need of another liver transplant. Many of the members of Gau-NA have followed his story on the FB page "Save Lucas." His mom says here's how you can help:

  1. Pray
  2. Register to become an organ donor in honor of Lucas.
  3. Are you O blood type between ages 20-49, healthy, BMI less than 30? If so, you can sign up to be a living donor.
  4. Please share our stories. We are on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Lucas helped to pick the YouTube channel name. It's Hunting4Hope @save lucas goeller

Besides that, brainstorm! How can you, your network, or business help?

"Like" the "Save Lucas" FB page and share his story to your friends. You never know when someone will find it in their hearts to help.


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