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Workshops at 2014 Delegates Meeting

Here are the workshops that will be presented at the Meeting:

  • Dance Workshop: D’Bergler Schuhplattler will be taught by 2. Gauvorplattler Adam Schaefer. If time permits, another Plattler will be added.
  • “Oktoberfest” Workshop: What to expect at the Trachtenzug and participation in the Oide Wies’n, including the “Do’s and Don’ts of Tracht.” Gauarchivar Michael Olk and Gaumusikwart Rick Michels will present a Powerpoint about Tracht (prepared by Gaupressewart Karin Dean-Kraft) and answer as many questions as possible.
  • Music Workshop: Find out about internet resources for Volksmusik and Baierische Tanzlieder for all ages. To be presented by Gaumusikwart Rick Michels.
  • Meetings Workshop: This standing workshop on “How to Host a Gaufest” will be run by the Meetings Committee. For those Vereine interested in hosting a Gaufest, it’s a great learning experience. The Meetings Committee includes several members whose Vereine have hosted in the past, so the “voice of experience” is invaluable.
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