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Volksmusik--its Importance to the Trachtenbewegung

Volksmusik is one of the important elements that we uphold in our motto "Sitt und Tracht der Alten wollen wir erhalten."  Without music, much of our Brauchtum would be lost--dialects, region-specific customs, references to ways of life and times, dance, and so much more. Alt-Washingtonia's Michael Leggett did an interview with Gaumusikwart Rick Michels and asked him great questions about his role as Musikwart, what "echte Volksmusik" means, how it relates to Gau-NA's goals, and how the Gauverband benefits from Rick's enthusiasm for music. The half-hour interview is available on YouTube at the link below. It's both informative and entertaining. Vergelt's Gott to both of you for this important segment.  

Interview with Rick Michels - Musikwart of Gauverband Nordamerika - YouTube

The link is also on the Gauverband's website under "Resources/Music" under the heading of Articles, Presentations, Videos.

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