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Ruhe in Frieden, Charles Volkman

The Gauverband Nordamerika is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Charles Volkman of SuGTV Washingtonia on the morning of May 30, 2024.
Charlie was a key figure in the early years of the Gauverband Nordamerika. He was a dedicated participant at Feste, both local and international, leading with his vibrant personality.  Additionally, he was instrumental in having our Incorporation Certificate reinstated in 2006, and helped maintain the payments to continue to keep it current.  His happy, smiling face, as well as his very distinctive baritone voice could always be seen and heard, at every Gaufest and every Delegates' Meeting.  At our most recent Delegates' Meeting earlier this month, Charlie was present and appears in our minutes as having seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting.
During my tenure as Gauvorplattler, Charlie served as a Gruppenpreisplattler Richter four times, in 1995, 1997, 1999, and 2005.  In 2001 and 2003, when he was not a judge for Gruppen, because he was too far down the random draw list, he volunteered to judge the Einzelpreisplattler, which was only a demonstration event at that time.
Charlie was extremely passionate and knowledgeable about protocol and procedure in many realms, and provided all the information to write Article VI of the Gauverband Guidelines - National Flags and Anthems.
On the historic occasion of the Gauverband's first invitation to participate in the Munich Oktoberfest parade in 2014, Charlie, at age 83, marched the entire route with both his son and grandson at his side.  Incidentally, all three named Charlie Volkman!  They were one of three, three-generation families representing Gauverband Nordamerika that day.
At his Verein's recent 100. Jahre Jubiläum, Charlie provided much of the historical information that the Verein was able to share with the rest of the Gauverband that evening.  If you were ever in his basement, you knew and saw that Charlie kept everything!
Personally, I first met Charlie at a Delegates' Meeting in the late 1980s, and discovered that we were both lifetime fans of the Washington NFL team.  At that time, Charlie was the equipment manager for the team's marching band, and I excitedly accepted his invitation to attend a game in D.C.  (And an opportunity to go onto the field!)  This turned into a annual event, and many years, the trip coincided with Delaware's Stiftungsfest.  He generously shared his love and knowledge of both the team, and his hometown of Washington, D.C.  We chatted quite often on the phone about things both football and dance, and faithfully exchanged cards on our mutual birthday of March 21.
Our sincere condolences go out to his wife, his children and their families, and his Verein.
Ruhe in Frieden
Tom Vogt

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