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Oktoberfest Parade Line-Up

THIS LINK has the Oktoberfest parade line-up and includes some important notes. (Version 2 was uploaded 9/8 with minor changes, mostly affecting those in the Kutschen.) The chart shows all those walking in the parade -- first the Blaskapelle that will lead us, then the Gautafel and Gaufahne, followed by a Kutsche with our Gauvorstand and other members. Behind the Kutsche is the Festverein, Original Enzian -- their flag, their 50+ members, and a Kutsche with four of their members. Following them will be eight Gau-NA flags with honor guards (arranged by age of Verein) and 150 ladies of Gau-NA. A second Blaskapelle will set the tone of the second part of the parade led by the third Kutsche, then 87 Gau-NA men, and the fourth Kutsche.  

Please study the chart to know where you will line up within the parade. If you have questions, please ask! There's a little art & science involved in putting this together. Karin Schwab and Teresa Vikari will be at the meeting site to help with the ladies part of the line-up. It's a bit complex because the line-up is arranged by color to be pleasing to the eye. Tom Vogt will help with the men, who will arrange themselves by the type of Hutschmuck worn, again to be pleasing to the eye. 

You can print the chart or download it so you can have it on your phone. There is a down arrow on the right side of the screen that allows you to download. 

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