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Take the Jugendvertreterin's Survey

Please complete a survey on the Gauverband's Jugend. Go to this link to access and complete the survey.  I'd like your help to find more ways to serve you and the Jugend of our Gauverband. The survey will be open through August 15.

Gauzeitung Deadline - Aug. 1. What's the News?

The deadline for the next Gauzeitung is August 1.  At least half the issue will be Gaufest-related.  Do you have a story to pass along?  A favorite photo?  Send it to me!  What's been going on in your Verein the last few months?  Send your news and photos to include.  Looking forward to putting together another packed issue that shows Gau-NA does an awesome job of upholding "Sitt und Tracht."  Email is

D'Wageggler Börwang/Haldenwang Enjoyed our Gaufest

Six Trachtler and Trachtlerinnen from the Allgäu took part in the 26. Gaufest in Buffalo. They came to meet us and continue their talks with 2. Gauvorplattler Rudy Leschke about the 2018 Bayerischer Löwe competition. As you know, Gau-NA will be hosting the competition with the help of D'Wageggler. We'll also be participating in the Allgäuer Gaufest and a Fronleichnam celebration from May 31-June 3, 2018.  Thomas Karg is D'Wageggler's Vorplattler, and he is in frequent contact with Rudy about next year's Löwe.

Fingerhakeln Workshop Notes

Servus alle,

First off, thank you for all of the enthusiastic attendees at the Fingerhakeln Workshop on Saturday! Linked below is a pdf file containing the presentation. And for those of you enquiring about purchasing high-quality fingerhakl rings, I hope to have an update soon. If there is concerted interest in participating in a formal competition at the next Gaufest in Washington, D.C., please let us know, and we will see what can happen.

Fritz Scheffler

Take the Survey about the 2017 Gaufest

Grüss Gott,

Congratulations to our 2017 Preisplatteln Participants!

Hard to believe the 26. Gaufest is over. So many great memories though.  Among them are the great dance performances by all participants in Gruppenpreisplatteln, 16+ Einzelpreisplatteln, and Jugendeinzelpreisplatteln.  Excellent competition!  Congratulations to our top groups and couples.



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