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Generous Gift Presented to Trachtenkulturzentrum

The following is a translation of an article that was published recently in Bayern about a generous visitor to the Trachtenkulturzentrum in Holzhausen.

The Bayerischer Trachtenverband accepted a particularly valuable gift at its Trachtenkulturzentrum in Holzhausen. William Hetzler, a long time gallery owner in New York and the former president of the Steuben Parade in New York, gave a gift of 16 works of art from his collection. These were the works of the well-known Bavarian artists Rudolf L. Reiter and Nikolaus Hipp and the German graphic designer Julius Himpel.

“All the works of the three artists have been in important exhibitions and their value can benefit the Trachten movement by way of a sale or auction,” were the words the entrepreneur, investor, and art collector William Hetzler said to Landesvorsitzender Günter Frey and Ehrenvorsitzender Max Bertl of the Bavarian Trachtenverband. The two thanked William for the generous donation and said they see this as continued proof of and contribution to the Trachten friendship with Gauverband Nordamerika. William Hetzler is namely an Ehrenmitglied of the Trachtenverein Schlierachtaler Stamm in New York. Also attending the gift giving in Holzhausen was another member of the Verein, Bob Hugel. As Beisitzer of Gau-NA he brought along the best wishes of the 1. Gauvorstand Tom Vogt. Bob read the heartfelt Trachtengrüsse from Canada and the US, which read, “It is nice that after more than a year of COVID-19 pauses we can do something in person again. Coming together strengthens the friendship.” At the same time Tom Vogt congratulated the new Landesvorsitzender Günter Frey and asked for continued good cooperation. Günter Frey thanked the North American Trachten friends with a signed copy of the book “Trachtenlandschaft Bayern.”

Click THIS LINK to get to the article written by Anton Hötzelsperger in the Samerberger Nachrichten (also posted to the Bayerischer Trachtenverband’s website).  The article has numerous photos with it (scroll to the end) that show those who were at the ceremony at the Trachtenkulturzentrum.  You’ll also see many of the artworks.

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