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Gaurichter Training Session

submitted 22September2010 by Mark La Course  The 1. Gauvorplattler, 2. Gauvorplattler and Gauvortänzerin will be holding a Gaurichter Training Session on November 6, 2010 at the Plattdeutsche Park in New York. All aspects of the Gau scoring system will be explained and live dance performances will be judged in both Einzel- and Gruppenplattln. "We feel this is a great opportunity for our newest Gaurichter to really learn and work with the system prior to the Judges Preparation Weekend and allow them to continue their training for the upcoming 23. Gaufest in Orlando," said Mark La Course, 1. Gauvorplattler. "Die Gemuetlichen Enzianer will serve as hosts for the session, providing housing for those coming from out of the area. Also on the evening of November 6, Original Enzian will be hosting their Bauernball, which we are looking forward to attending."  

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