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Gau-N.A. Participated in Gauting's Festwoche

Participating in the Bayerischer Löwe was certainly an exciting event for Gauverband Nordamerika. Another great part of that weekend was participating in the 265-year Jubilee of Vereine in Gauting – D’Würmlust Stamm Gauting Trachtenverein celebrated its 100th anniversary; the Feuerwehr (volunteer firefighters Verein) celebrated 140 years; and the Schöne Münchnerin society celebrated its 25th.  In a parade on Sunday that spanned about ½ a mile, 70 different Vereine took part, including about 60 people from Gauverband Nordamerika. For more about the celebration and to see 58 terrific pictures of it, click on the links below.

Ryan Stiller and Kevin Walker carried the flags of Canada and USA, respectively. Chris Collins carried the Gauverband Nordamerika flag in its first-ever venture outside North America since the Gauverband obtained it in 1973. TEV Edelweiss Denver’s flag was carried by Brandon Saratella. Trachtler from at least ten N.A. Vereine followed the flags in the parade. The day was sunny, mild, and breezy – perfect for walking through the beautiful town of Gauting, being greeting by local residents, and seeing the other Vereine in the Festzug.

Article with pictures about Gauting Festwoche

Article about Gauting Festwoche

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