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Gau-NA Did Us Proud at the Bayerischer Löwe!

Results from the Bayerischer Löwe are in! Full results of the competition are now available at this LINK (added on 7/31 from Rudy Leschke).

Group: SVEV D’Oberlandler Milwaukee – 9th

In the 14-16 age group:

  • Caleb Weber, 14th
  • T J Jenssen, 3rd
  • Aana Rase, 2nd

In the 17-34 age group:

  • Josh Meck, 31st
  • Andy Tschermak, 6th
  • Stefanie Williams, 7th
  • Matt LaCourse 7th
  • Becca Sauter, 23rd

In the 35-49 age group:

  • Fritz Sheffler, 9th
  • Maria Rase, 5th
  • Cindy Hartz, 11th
  • Michael Rase, 10th

In the Honors age group:

  • Heidi Tschermak, 1st!!!!
  • Erech Morrison, 7th
  • Ingeborg Henn, 4th
  • Don LaCourse, 1st!!!!
  • Dennis Smith, 5th
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