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Bylaws, Rules, Preisplatteln Rules, "How-To" Manuals Updated

Update Dec. 30, 2016:  The Scoresheets for Preisplatteln and Jugend Critique have been added to the Gau Rules!

After the Gauverband Delegates Meeting, the job of updating the Bylaws, Operating Rules, Preisplatteln Rules (with Jugend rules rolled in), and "How-To" Requirements (Hosting a Delegates Meeting, Gaufest, or Executive Board Meeting) gets underway. The majority of that job has been accomplished -- all except the updated scoresheets for Preisplatteln (both adult and Jugend). These are still under development because of the change in philosophy of judging. As soon as the scoresheets are finished, they will be inserted into the Preisplatteln Rules and will be announced on the website. In the meantime, the Summary of Changes, Bylaws, and Rules/Guidelines can be found under the "About Us/Bylaws" tab. The "How-To" Manuals can be found under "Publications/How-To." Please direct any questions to me at Gauzeitung @  --KD-K, Bylaws Chair

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