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Bayerischer Löwe 2024 -- June 6-9

Excitement about the Preisplatteln at the 2023 Gaufest is still high, especially among the top two Gruppenpreisplatteln winners and the top three Einzelpreisplatteln winners in each age group. Those dancers are eligible to compete at the 2024 Bayerischer Löwe. It will be held during the June 6-9 Huosigau Heimattage & Gaufest in Steinebach, with the Löwe on Saturday, June 8. The Verein hosting the events is Trachtenverein D'Donarbichler in Steinebach. Their website (link below) will be updated over the next year with more information. The Events section has been updated to include the information, so you can check it anytime without having to search for this post.

2024, June 6-9: Huosigau Heimattage/Gaufest in Steinebach.  Saturday, June 8: BAYERISCHER LÖWE.  Sunday, June 9: Festzug & Festtag.  More info at: THIS LINK, then select Gaufest 2024

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