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2014 Gauverband Delegates Meeting #4 - Revised

REVISED 4/30 to add more reports - see notes below

Attached you will find the reports of the officers and committees of the Gauverband Nordamerika relevant to our upcoming Delegates’ Meeting to be held May 3 & 4, 2014, in Newark, Delaware.

If you are your Verein’s delegate, please take more than a moment to read through these reports, to better prepare you for the meeting. If you are not one of the meeting attendees, please, also take the time to read through the reports and arm your delegates with any questions you would like to have answered at the meeting.
You will notice that two officers have stated they will not stand for re-election at this meeting. This provides a wonderful chance for any of you that have ever thought about becoming a member of the Gauausschuß, to more fully explore that opportunity. I encourage and support you in that endeavor.
You will also notice the absence of the 1.Gauvorstand’s report. I use my report as the opening speech for the weekend meeting, and don’t want to spoil here, the excitement of hearing it first hand for the delegates in attendance.
I look forward to seeing many of you in Delaware!

Tom Vogt, 1. Gauvorstand

       All Reports 2014 Rev 1

The above link takes you to reports from the following officers - 2. Vorstand, Schriftführer, Kassier, 1.Vorplattler, 2.Vorplattler, Vortänzerin, Bibliothekar, Jugendvertreter, Musikwart, Pressewart; as well as reports for the following committees – Development, Education, Website, Fahne, Volksmusik, Archivar, Holzhausen, Oktoberfest Trachtenzug.  The file can be read on line, printed from online, or downloaded.  There are 29 pages. Note: The Gauarchivar’s report will be available at a later time.  Note 1: Volksmusik report was added on 4/22, so if you printed the file out on 4/21, you need only print out the last 4 additional pages.  Note 2: Archivar, Holzhausen, and Oktoberfest Trachtenzug reports added 4/30; pages 30-36.

Agendas and schedules are available on the website – see news item “2014 Gauverband Delegates Meeting #3.”  Travel information is available under “2014 Gauverband Delegates Meeting #2.” If you have any problems with the files, please contact Karin Dean-Kraft at

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