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2014 Gauverband Delegates Meeting #3

Below are the preliminary items for the 2014 Delegates Meeting. A final copy will be emailed to the Vereine and posted on the website at the end of the month. Additional agenda items not requiring a Bylaws change can still be included. I have not received any bids for the 2016 Delegates Meeting and would appreciate receiving them as soon as they can be available. Officer reports will be available two weeks before the Delegates Meeting on this website.

#5 below is available as a pdf or a Word file – please fill out the information for the Trachtenkalender and return the information to me at the Delegates Meeting or email it to me.

01 Schedule for Meeting 03102014

02 Meeting Agenda 03102014

03 Administrative Meeting Agenda 03102014

04 Vorplattler Meeting Agenda 03102014

05 Trachtenkalender Form 03102014

05 As Word Doc Trachtenkalender Form 03102014

If you need information about accommodations, please see “2014 Gauverband Delegates Meeting #2” update on the website.

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