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Results of Gaufest Survey Available

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Gaufest Survey over the past two months.  We had great participation with over 280 responses. The linked file contains a summary of all the responses.  The purpose of the survey is to provide the Meetings Committee as well a future Gaufest hosts valuable feedback that can help with the planning of future Gaufeste and ways to improve the event.  On this year’s survey, in addition to questions that solicited feedback on the 2019 Gaufest, questions were included with some new ideas from the recent Gaufest roundtable discussions.  The purpose of these questions was to gauge the interest and feedback from the membership and to see if any of these new ideas should be pursued.  We were able to gain some great insight into the thoughts of the membership and how they would like to see the Gaufest develop. We will continue to include question like those in future surveys.  Thanks again for everyone’s feedback and participation.   LINK TO SURVEY RESULTS

Mit Trachtengruss,

Joe Hubner, Chairman – Gauverband Meetings Committee



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