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Reporter from Bayerischer Rundfunk Coming to Gaufest

At the Einweihung in Holzhausen this spring, Gauvorstand Tom Vogt met German reporter Barbara Leidl of the Bayerischer Rundfunk. She’s doing a one-hour feature for the radio station Bayern 2 about Bavarian dance groups in North America. To get to know us better, Barbara is traveling from her home in the Washington, D.C., area to the Gaufest in Milwaukee. While there, she’d like to observe the many activities that we have during the weekend as well as interview and tape people. Barbara will ask questions about the what-why-how we do what we do, our clubs’ histories, and what we see as our future. Getting a few pictures for the BR website is on her to-do list, too.  Besides talking to Tom, Barbara has already visited with members of Alt Washingtonia and talked with me by phone.  If you have the opportunity to speak to her at the Gaufest, you’ll find that she’s genuinely interested in our love of the Bavarian culture.

Special request -- Barbara asked me to ask Gauverband members if anyone has a private video of the Gau-N.A. Vereine who were at the Trachtenumzug in München last year. She’d like to be able to use some footage if you’d allow her to.  Please email me at, and I’ll pass along your contact information to her.

If you’d like to hear some of Barbara’s reporting, go to the BR website ( and do a search on her name. She’s done a couple of interesting reports about living in the U.S.

Picture: Tom Vogt & Barbara Leidl at the Einweihung in Holzhausen, May 2015

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