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München Trachtenzug/Oktoberfest Update

There was standing room only for the Oktoberfest presentation at the Delegates Meeting. Participants learned about the parade, the route, what to wear and what not to wear, and what to expect in the tents and on Monday at the Oide Wiesn. Those attending found it helpful to learn. Since then, the presentation is available on the Gauverband website.

Just a note to everyone who is going, a Facebook page was created so everyone can communicate with each other and look at different links. It is also imperative that everyone view the Powerpoint presentation on Tracht that was presented at the Delegates Meeting. The link for this is on the Gauverband website (find the May 5 news article or look under Tracht) and on the Schützenzug Facebook page. You can also find links to presentations about proper hair styles and how to make a Stoffbeutel (cloth purse) suitable to carry in the parade.  (All links are also in this article.)

All other schedules and information will be sent to the Vereine that are participating in the event. All other inquiries or questions should be directed to the main contact person for this event Michael Olk at or 402-578-8023.

Before the Oktoberfest, a set-up plan will be made for the order of the Gau-NA portion of the parade will be organized. When you arrive at the meeting point, it will be important that you get into your general positions as quickly as possible. With about 400 people there, it is sure to be chaotic, but we’re shooting for “organized chaos”!

On Facebook, look for “Gauverband Nordamerika. Trachten u. Schützenzug und Oide Wiesn 2014.” 

Oktoberfest Presentation:  Munich Oktoberfest Trachtenzug 2014

Hairstyles for Tracht:    Bavarian Hairstyles as PDF

How to make a Stoffbeutel:  Stoffbeutel - Drawstring Purse

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