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Interview with Gau-NA's Gaufahne

Our Gau-Fahne seems to open up to Bavarian Anita Biereder. The last time Anita interviewed it was when it made its first trip back to Bavaria for the anniversary celebrations of the Vereine in Gauting combined with the Bayerischer Löwe in 2012 (2012 Interview).  We were all surprised that the Fahne still spoke such good Bayrisch!  Well, Anita attended our Gaufest in Milwaukee and spent some time with the Fahne again, and here’s what it had to say, translated into English.  It’s much more entertaining in Bayrisch, and you can read that at this link to the Bayerischer Trachtenverband’s websiteOriginal Article

Gauverband Nordamerika Fahne as interviewed by Anita Biereder

Because our Gauverband Nordamerika turned 50 in 2014, Michi Olk asked the Festring München if we could take part in the Parade.  They said yes, and so it is that last September 250 Trachtler from all over North America were in München.  (Editor—yes, the Fahne was a little confused; our oldest Gau-NA Verein turned 100 in 2014; Gau-NA turns 50 in 2016..)

Of course, I was there, too, for the special day. First they all met in the Bavaria Park, and the “Grias God” saying went on all night.  Then a delegation from the Gauausschuss went to the Schottenhammel tent for the “Ozapfa” (keg tapping) and represented us just great on television.

Especially exciting was Sunday. Seven kilometers—they carried me through München and about 100,000 people clapped and were happy that they brought me along.  The Gau showed a beautiful picture of itself.

We celebrated it well at the Oide Wiesen. We were all hungry and thirsty after such a long walk. Menzinger Hans made sure that I was safe and took care of my transportation.

And then Monday came along: Our performance at the Oide Wiesen in the Traditionszelt.  People really liked our performances and we had a great time. The high point for us and for the public was our Massenplattler “Gauplattler Nordamerika,” played by the Siasswasser Tanzlmusik.  56 couples surrounded the stage to plattl, ranging from very young to very old.  The audience applauded wildly and was completely thrilled.

After that weekend, the Gauverband decided that I wasn’t looking my freshest and left me behind for a spa.  My gosh, they pampered me! Sewed, repaired, improved, and renewed. When the opening of the Trachtenkulturzentrum in Holzhausen took place in May 2015, our new Fahnenträger Klaus Vikari came to pick me up.  And he flew back with me over the pond to Delaware, where I live now.

It didn’t take long til he packed me up again and took me to Milwaukee, where our Gaufest took place this year. The Gaufest was beautiful and such fun, a great “Stimmung” with everything a Fest should have.  Preisplatteln, singing, dancing, music, workshops, Heimatabend, and of course also a church mass.  That’s where I proudly showed off my new face.

Klaus carried me in first, the Oberlandler Milwaukee ladies brought a new Fahnenband, and the priest blessed both with holy water during my rededication or “Nachweihe.”  My colors were shining.

It made me happy to be there while the choir and the Gaukapelle sang and played the Bauernmesse. The priest spoke about the importance of the flag during his homily. I swelled with pride over his remarks.

Let’s see now: the Plattler were super good during Preisplatteln and the three best are qualified to go to the Bayerischer Löwe in Steingaden in July 2016.  30 fellows and ladies plus two groups – Oberlandler Milwaukee and Bavaria Cleveland – can dance at the Löwe, the world championship! I hope that everyone flies to Bayern and I especially hope, that I can go along, since the Lechgau Gaufest happens that same time.  I’d really like to go there!  Let’s see if it happens.

Way too fast the time went by, and the Vikaris and I went back home. I’m looking forward to an exciting year 2016. I’ll tell you all about it.


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