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Grosser Gauheimatabend mit Boarischem Tanz

A popular event at every Gaufest!  Come and enjoy music and dance and Kameradschaft!

The Gauheimatabend mit Boarischem Tanz begins at 8 pm Friday, June 30, in the Ballroom of the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. Here's what it's all about:

  •  An approx. 1 hour program of authentic Bavarian-alpine music and song performed by various Gauvereine. Everything from Alphorn to Ziach!
  • Boarischer Tanz immediately after the program until midnight with 2 bands: “Siasswasser Tanzlmusi” from Detroit and our own Gaukapelle. The Boarischer Tanz will start with the traditional “Auftanz” and the band will play Polkas, Walzer, Boarische, Landler, marches and Zwiefacher for your dancing pleasure. This is your chance to participate in many popular Volkstänze, too….like Kikeriki, Sternpolka, Chiemgauer Dreher, Schwedische Maskerade, just to name a few! Lots of fun for all ages!
  • Ehrentänze will be performed during the band breaks.

See you there!

Rick Michels, Gaumusikwart

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