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Gau Officer Appointments

submitted 29July2008 At the Gau Ausschuß Sitzung, May 2, 2008, Gau Pressewart Wilhelm Banzhaf announced that he will be retiring from his office at the end of 2008. 1.Gauvorstand, Tom Vogt began a search for the person best qualified to fill the position. The office is an appointed office. The new Gaupressewartin of Gauverband Nordamerika is Karin Dean Kraft, Edelweiß, Detroit. Karin will work with Willi for remainder of the year as a transition. Since Karin currently holds the office of Gaubibliothekar, this leaves a vacancy for that office. The office of Gaubibliothekar is an elected office, but since we are inbetween Gau Delegates' Meetings Tom Vogt has appointed Michael Rase, TEV Edelweiß, Denver to fill the office of Gaubibliothekar.

Congratulations Karin and Michael!  

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