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Gau-NA mentioned on Bayernwelle Radio

You just never know where the Gauverband Nordamerika will be mentioned! This year's Gauzeitung Christmas Greetings included a funny little Christmas poem written in "Denglisch" -- that great language so many of our loved ones speak. The Gauzeitung made its way to Anton Hötzelsperger, Pressewart for the Bayerischer Trachtenverband. Toni got a kick out of the poem and sent it on to his media email distribution list, which included radio station Bayernwelle. The BW liked it, too, and was interested in Gau-NA, so they called Toni, who did a radio interview. Toni did a great job of presenting us in a positive light and explaining a little about what we do to preserve customs. He sent us the two audio clips (about 2 minutes each) that were aired about an hour apart. The first clip is his interview, the second is a reading of the poem itself. Take a listen and see if you enjoy it as much as I did!  Vergelt's Gott, Toni!
                Interview with Toni         Reading of the Poem

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