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Gau-NA Bylaws, Rules, and Guidelines Updated

All of the changes to the Bylaws, Rules, and Guidelines that were approved at the 2014 Delegates Meetings have been rolled into the official documents of the Gauverband.  Go to About Us, then click on Bylaws.  Links to the following three documents are available:  Summary of Changes; 2014 Bylaws (same as 2012 except for the date on the document; no changes were approved to the Bylaws); and 2014 GauRules, Preisplatteln Rules, and Guidelines.  The three documents can be viewed online, printed from online, or downloaded.

Please be aware that the Preisplatteln Rules underwent some changes and these go into effect with the competition to be held at the Gaufest in Milwaukee in 2015.  The scoresheets have changed only to change the word "Aufsprung" to "Hochsprung" and to delete the name of the dance on the Einzelpreisplatteln scoresheet. 

Any questions or comments about the latest documents may be directed to the Bylaws Committee.

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