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Delegates Meeting Agenda, Schedule, Proposals

The following was sent to the Vereine at their email of record:

It is my pleasure to send you this file (click here) for our Delegates Meeting that will take place on April 28 - 29, 2018 in Omaha, Nebraska. Please bring copies of the attachment to the meeting.

  • Delegates Meeting Agenda (pages 1-2)
  • Delegates Meeting Schedule (page 3)
  • Administrative Meeting Proposals (pages 4-19)
  • Vorplattlers Meeting Proposals (pages 20-76)

Also attached is a form (click here) to use to provide information for the next Trachten Kalender. Please download and complete the form and either email it to me right before going to the Delegates Meeting or bring a completed copy with you. The information on number of members will not be included in the Trachten Kalender.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

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